Plus Motor (Brushless)

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The Kelly Industries Plus Motor is a quality, high-performance, brushless motor designed specifically for Nerf. This motor is a collaboration with RealNewDeal and Kuryaka, with artwork by Hotkoin, and manufactured by the performance drone motor manufacturer T-Motor.

This is a larger and more powerful motor than any other other brushless nerf motor. It's designed for full size flywheels, with enough speed to hit over 250fps dual stage on 4S, and has more torque than any other flywheel motor for the fastest spinup time possible. We recommend a minimum 30A ESC for 3S or 35A ESC for 4S, running blheli_32, AM32, or Flyshot firmware.

Instead of a central M5 shaft with a nut which makes your blaster bulky, this motor has 4 small M3 screws to attach the flywheel to the motor. It comes with 4x M3 x 8mm socket cap screws, 4x M3 x 9mm socket cap screws, and some spare parts to service your motor if necessary.

You must be very careful when installing brushless motors, because if the M3 screws are too long they will touch the electrical windings and destroy your motor and/or ESC!

These motors are brand new, but there are already a few compatible designs:

jougheaux designed the JPEG blaster
Roboman sells "Imbeller" wheels for the JPEG, available either machined or SLS printed
Mein Gonk designed a Plus motor cage for the GnK-90
404 designed the Amoeba blaster
Lucian designed some Plus Motor Ultrastryfe Wheels
ChickenMaster99 designed a Plus Motor FDL-Gonk
Kuryaka designed Plus Motor Daybreak Flywheels and a cage
_donutcat designed a Plus Motor Flycore for Plus Motor Daybreak flywheels
Old Fusion Designs is working on a Plus Motor Flycore
And we're working on a Plus Motor/Dettlaff FDL-3
Join our Discord server to discuss the latest designs or to get your blaster added to this list

Speed: 3200kV (3200 rpm/V)
Stator size: 2207
Diameter: 27.5mm
Height: 23.3mm
Height not including shaft: 19.2mm
STEP File (Right click and hit Save Link As)