Rapidstrike PCB Switch Plate 2.0

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This switch plate not only holds your Rapidstrike switches in the correct positions, but includes all the complicated wiring circuits to control your Rapidstrike pusher. The new Rapidstrike switch plate 2.0 comes preassembled with the custom made PCB-mount switches which are much easier to solder and no longer require removing any screw posts. Simply solder your battery, flywheel, and pusher wires and the switches to the board. Then use flush cutters to cut the two shell posts circled in the image.

You can select the specific cycle control mode you want by cutting and resoldering the two jumpers on the back of the board, though the default mode of Regenerative Live Center is what I recommend for most builds. If the default Rev Lock mode is selected, the pusher will not operate without first pulling the rev trigger, which helps prevent jams and burning out flywheel motors. You can also solder an XT-30 connector to the board to make your pusher motor modular. The board includes the 3D printed triggers.