Motor Wiring Boards

While designing a Nerf MOSFET board, I figured out that by soldering a circuit board across the back of the flywheel motors, it significantly simplified the motor wiring and soldering process. The MOSFET board is still being worked on, but most builds don’t need MOSFETs, so I made a bare board to just make soldering easier. It also reduces the risk of motor tabs breaking, because the board is connected to all four tabs, and soon will have the option for an XT60 connector onboard, to make modular cages dead simple. There is a plastic spacer that goes between the board and the motors, to prevent the motor cans from wearing through the solder mask on the board and shorting out.

The slots on the board support all standard cage spacings, from 43.5mm (stock crush) to 38.5mm (Eclipse). It does not support canted motors, or the special non-canted cage I made for DRS wheels, as that is around 36mm spacing.

Known compatible blasters: Stryfe, Rapidstrike

Known incompatible blasters: Modulus ECS-10, Demolisher, Barricade/Stockade

1.4: Changed from 1oz to 2oz copper thickness. Coming soon.
1.3: Added optional XT60PW-M connector. Polarity of that connector is backwards. Mistakenly marked v1.2. Never sold.
1.2: Fixed issues with 1.1, modified plastic insulator design to make production easier
1.1: Added basic instructions on the board. Forgot the copper traces! Never sold.
1.0: First production run