Quik Wiring Loom Instructions

Thanks for ordering a Kelly Industries Quik Wiring Loom! We hope you your Quik build is easy and fun. Here are a few pointers:

In addition to the stl files and instructions in your Quik file download, the Angled Flycore files and instructions are here on the OFD Github

Make sure you print the Quik frame that is designed for the Kelly Industries switch plate. We also designed a trigger for the Quik that covers up the electrical contacts, which is not required but you can download here on our Github

If you ordered the hardware kit, the springs are the correct length for the Quik. Do not follow the Quik instructions saying to cut the springs down!

The two short thick wires go to the flywheel motor board, and the two long wires go to the pusher motor, which we recommend routing through the opposite side from the pusher switch wires. To route the pusher switch wires through the Flycore, it’s easiest to cut out the 3D printed posts in the wire channel to allow you to run the wires. You can also desolder the wires from the switch one at a time, run them through the wire channel and resolder them. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our Discord server!