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Open Flywheel Project’s Morpheus Guides guide your darts through the flywheels, giving the accuracy and consistency of a brassed flywheel cage, without the difficulty cutting your own brass guide. The super smooth inside has nothing for the dart to catch on, and because they’re CNC aluminum, they’re machined to very tight tolerances, far better than anything you could cut by hand.

These guides require a Morpheus 3D printed flywheel cage, sold separately. We are working on creating product pages for the Morpheus flywheel cages, but in the meantime, you can order this guide along with a standard flywheel cage, and we will install the guide in a Morpheus cage.

Open Flywheel Project products are not toys. Open Flywheel Project products are high performance blaster parts which should never be used without eye protection, or shot at or near anyone not wearing eye protection. They greatly increase the power of the blaster and should not be used by or with children. Open Flywheel Project takes no responsibility for injuries or property damage resulting from the use of our products. Open Flywheel Project has no relationship with the manufacturer of any blasters our products are designed for.

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