Two Stage Modulus/Demolisher Open Flywheel Project Cage


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Open Flywheel Projects’s two stage Modulus/Demolisher 3D printed flywheel cage adds a second set of high crush flywheels and motors, for significantly increased dart velocity. This is not for the faint of heart, as it requires significant shell cutting to make the motors fit. It is also much stiffer than the stock cage, reducing noise, and the dart guide keeps the darts at the right position, resulting in more reliable feeding and preventing worn darts from coming out of the magazine.┬áThe recommended motors for this cage are MTB Wolverines on a 2S LiPo battery that can supply the high current draw. This cage is only available in 41.5mm spacing, which requires high torque motors. This cage is compatible with OFP’s high performance, high concavity Riot flywheels.

If you want a specific color, or PETG instead of PLA, please specify it in the Notes field at checkout. For details on PLA vs PETG, see this page. Currently available colors are:
  • Light Orange (eg Demolisher or Rapidstrike)
  • Dark Orange (eg Stryfe)
  • Navy (Elite) Blue
  • Translucent Light Orange
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • White
  • Black
  • Glow in the dark
  • Clear
  • Silver
Open Flywheel Project products are not toys. Open Flywheel Project products are high performance blaster parts which should never be used without eye protection, or shot at or near anyone not wearing eye protection. They greatly increase the power of the blaster and should not be used by or with children. Open Flywheel Project takes no responsibility for injuries or property damage resulting from the use of our products. Open Flywheel Project has no relationship with the manufacturer of any blasters our products are designed for.

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Dimensions8 x 11 x 3 cm

Orange, Yellow, White, Black, Red