Dettlaff: Brushless Blaster Controller (Beta)

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Brushless flywheel blasters are back! The Dettlaff brushless blaster controller can control up to 4 brushless flywheel over one cable using a 4-in-1 blheli_32 brushless ESC, and supports select fire and burst fire with a N20 pusher motor. Come test Dettlaff out on your newest build for a reduced price during the limited beta. All beta Dettlaff boards will be fully updatable with future firmware upgrades required for it to move out of beta testing. Key planned features include closed loop RPM control to make your wheels spin up in half the time, and the ability to set up or configure Dettlaff using a web page on your computer or phone. During the beta, the firmware must be compiled using PlatformIO for each configuration change.

Open source firmware, schematics, and documentation are all available here. This is a beta and the documentation is still being written, don't be afraid to ask any questions in the Discord. Dettlaff uses the ESP-32 microcontroller.

The recommend ESC is the Skystars blheli_32 KO 45A. The Dettlaff mounting holes match standard 30mm ESC mounting holes to allow Dettlaff to be mounted on top of the ESC. The 7cm Extended ESC Cable enables mounting them in different orientations. Make sure to put the thick side of the ESC mounting grommets on top so that the two boards don't contact. Any blheli_32 4-in-1 ESC will work, using other 4-in-1 ESC's but will require the user to rearrange the pins in the cable to match the configuration on the Dettlaff board. Using individual blheli_32 ESC's will require that the user solders a custom cable to connect the ESC's to their Dettlaff brushless blaster controller.

Dettlaff has two motor outputs: the flywheel motor output and the N20 pusher motor output. The flywheel motor output is a MOSFET that can cut power to your flywheel motor ESC to extend your blaster's battery life when the blaster is not being used. The flywheel motor MOSFET can also be used to drive a high power solenoid, but the maximum rate of fire will be lower than can be achieved with a circuit designed specifically for solenoid control. While designed with brushless motor control in mind, Dettlaff can also be used to control brushed flywheel motors. The N20 motor output is able to drive the pusher motor bidirectionally, and will cut out to protect itself if the current exceeds 3A. This iteration of Dettlaff is not able to drive high power solenoids. 15mm solenoids will likely work as they are rated for 2.5A, however, this feature has not yet been tested.

Includes a custom USB-C programming adapter, N20 motor cable, and 5 cables for connecting either switches or potentiometers.