Flywheel Motor Board

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The original Nerf motor board is back and better than ever with two new sizes and even easiler solder points! Make your flywheel cages modular, clean, and quick to solder. No need to splice wires, detangle messy harnesses, or worry about tearing off motor tabs. Don't build a flywheel blaster without these! Nerfers who have used our motor boards also report a noise reduction during operation due to the added stiffness provided by the motor board to the motors and cage.

Each board comes with an plastic insulator to keep the board from coming into contact with the motor housings, but like any other time when soldering motors care must be taken not to overapply solder or let the solder touch the motor housing.

Technical Details:

  • Full-Size supports 38.5mm to 43.5mm cage spacings. Fits most standard wheels, including Daybreak and Banned Blasters. Supports an optional XT-60 right angle modular cage connector.
  • Mini supports 32.5mm to 33.5mm cage spacings. Fits Pulsar and Hurricane wheels.
  • Micro supports 22mm to 23mm cage spacings. Fits Flywheel the World wheels.