Rapidstrike PCB Switch Plate

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Back by popular demand, this switch plate not only holds your Rapidstrike switches in the correct positions, but includes all the complicated wiring circuits for your Rapidstrike pusher. Simply solder the included wire (no the wire is not solder, I know it looks like solder) from each switch terminal to the hole in the circuit board below, and your battery, flywheel cage, and pusher wires to the board. You can select the specific cycle control mode you want by cutting and resoldering the two jumpers on the back of the board, though the default mode of Regenerative Live Center is what I recommend for most builds. This kit includes a 3D printed rev trigger, and you have the option of a 3D printed main trigger, or cutting down the stock trigger to fit. To install in a Rapidstrike, use a pair of flush cutters to cut the four screw posts circled in the images.