Quik Hardware Kit (90% pre-soldered)

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The Kelly Industries Quik Hardware Kit makes building an Old Fusion Designs (OFD) Quik super easy. Our custom printed circuit boards (PCBs) and pre-soldered wiring loom simplify blaster wiring dramatically, all you need to do is solder your pusher and flywheel motors using the included motor board and pre-tinned wires!

Our switch plate PCB needs space to fit inside the blaster, and the regular Quik print files aren't quite roomy enough. We've worked closely with OFD, and PCB-compatible 3D printing files are now available with new file purchases from OFD. If you still need the STL files for the Quik they can be purchased from OFD here. If you bought the files before December 2022 and don't have access to the modified grip files please contact us via Discord or email andrew@kellyindustries.us and we can send you the modified STL file.

Kit Contents:

• 1x Kelly Industries Quik Wiring Loom
• 6x M2 x 5mm Motor Screws
• 9x Brass Heat Set Inserts
• 10x M3 x 8mm Socket Head Screws
• 4x M3 x 12mm Socket Head Screws for Optional Magnetic Holster Plate
• 7x M2.6 x 12mm Toy Screws
• 1x M2.6 x 10mm Toy Screws
• 1x M3 Thumbscrew
• 2x Trigger/Mag Release Springs

Note: does not contain 3D printed blaster parts, pusher motor, flywheel motors, flywheels, or battery.

Installation Instructions